Check for a specific entity support at runtime

Any object in NetOffice implements a special method that checks at runtime if a specified property or method is available. This very important because not every property and/or method is available in all Microsoft Office versions.

bool EntityIsAvailable(string name);
bool EntityIsAvailable(string name, SupportEntityType searchType);

This example shows you how to check if API is available in current Microsoft Office application.

See chapter8 in technical documentation for more information.

void Tutorial08Main()
   // create new instance
   Excel.Application application = new Excel.Application();

   // check for support at runtime
   bool enableLivePreviewSupport = application.EntityIsAvailable("EnableLivePreview");
   bool openDatabaseSupport = application.Workbooks.EntityIsAvailable("OpenDatabase");

   string result = "Excel Runtime Check: " + Environment.NewLine;
   result += "Support EnableLivePreview: " + enableLivePreviewSupport.ToString() + Environment.NewLine;
   result += "Support OpenDatabase:      " + openDatabaseSupport.ToString() + Environment.NewLine;

   richTextBoxResult.Text = result;