Using Dispose With Event Listeners

This tutorial shows how to use Dipose() and DiposeChildInstances() methods for objects with active event listeners. In case you have an object with exported events, a CommandBarButton for example, and you want to dispose them without stopping of firing the events, you have to use Dispose(false) overload.

See chapter1 and chapter4 in technical documentation for more information.

private void Tutorial03Main()
    // start Excel application
    Excel.Application application = new Excel.Application();
    application.DisplayAlerts = false;

    // create new Workbook & attach close event handler
    Excel.Workbook book = application.Workbooks.Add();
    book.BeforeCloseEvent += new Excel.Workbook_BeforeCloseEventHandler(book_BeforeCloseEvent);

     * We dispose the instance. The argument value false signals to not release
     * the event listener.
     * Set the argument to true and the event listener will be
     * stopped and you won't get any new events for this instance.
     * The DisposeChildInstances() method has the same overload.


void book_BeforeCloseEvent(ref bool Cancel)

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